January 12, 2017

Have you ever thought about what you are supposed to do with the emotional baggage you collect on this journey we call life. Such as; regret, grief, shame, fear, rejection, anger, unforgiveness, hurt, pain, self-doubt, self-hate, and a self-destructive mindset. As you hold on to these things, they weigh you down. They keep you from giving and receiving real love, they steal your joy and laughter, and they rob you of your peace of mind. They also keep you from soaring high and enjoying your life. You pick up baggage during the course of your life when you experience negative events that hurt you physically, negative words that hurt you emotionally, and negative thoughts that hurt you mentally. So why would you want to hang on to them?

Sometimes people hang on to their emotional baggage because they don’t know what to do with it or they don’t know how to live without it. Their emotional baggage becomes a part of their life and who they are. They carry this baggage with them throughout the...

January 12, 2017

Life is full of choices. But in order to live a prosperous and beautiful life, full of joy and

laughter, you have to make the right choices. You can change anything in your life quickly if you just make a decision to do so. You can change your attitude, leave an abusive situation, forgive someone who has hurt you, choose different friends, start going to church, spend quality time with your children, pay your bills on time, budget your money or even speak positive words to yourself and others. You can do all of these things and more to make your life better, however, it depends on what’s most important to you.

Would you rather live a life of misery, sadness, anger, hurt and pain? Or live a life of peace, love, joy, happiness and laughter. God has given you the freedom to choose and the answer to the question of what will you choose.

“I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you...

January 12, 2017

Let’s say you want to bake a cake and you discover you have the right ingredients, but the wrong recipe. What do you do? It’s OK to say goodbye to the recipe but you don’t have to throw away the ingredients. Just begin again with the same ingredients but a new recipe.

It’s the same way in life. You are the ingredients; you are a triune being. You are a spirit, you live in a body and you have a soul. And your life is the recipe. As you know recipes can change depending upon where you live, how you were raise and personal taste. When you start out in life as a baby and you grow into adulthood, your taste in life changes. The type of people you hung out with as a teenager, you may not want to hang out with them in your thirties. The things you did that you once thought were so cool and daring, as you get older you may think “that was crazy!” It’s OK to begin again at different stages in your life. Some things (and people) are better left in the past so that you can have a fresh start in li...

February 15, 2016

“Whenever a round of banqueting was over, Job would send for his children and purify them, rising  early in the morning to offer burnt offerings for all of them. For Job thought: Perhaps my children have sinned, having cursed God in their hearts. This was Job's regular practice.” --Job 1:5


A personal testimony I would like to share with you, with a focus on daughters.


A father who covers his daughter;

  • Invests all that God has given him so she can reach her full potential, purpose or destiny.

  • Identifies her gifts and trains her so her gifts can bear fruit.

  • Provides a roof over her head and declares it a place of safety for her.

  • Protects all the intricate areas of her being, cultivating her identity and raising her self-esteem.  

  • Understands that if she ever loses her way or falls astray, he will love her back to health without any guilt or shame.

  • Helps her find the lamp unto her feet and the light unto her path that leads her right to the heart of God....

September 3, 2015

Forgiveness is essential if you want to be free to enjoy your life. Yes, it can be hard to forgive, because you may think if you forgive someone they are getting away with the wrong they’ve done to you. But that is a huge misconception. God says “vengeance is mine, I will repay.” (Romans 12:9)  God can get people in places that we will never be able to go, such as in their thoughts, their heart and their dreams. So let Him deal with them and you work on you.

Consequently, forgiveness is not for them, it is for you. Unforgiveness or holding on to offenses weighs you down in more areas of your life than you realize. Our spirits were created to soar with the eagles, not pluck with the chickens. So go ahead forgive, let offenses go and release the person(s) that hurt you. Start enjoying your life.

Love & Blessings,

Dr. D

September 2, 2015


Just let it go! How many times have you replayed hurtful events from your past? My guess would be hundreds of times. Well, one of the best things you can do to improve your life and find total freedom and happiness is to leave the past in the past. If you dwell on the things that have hurt you too long, they hold you captive and suck the life right out of you. They keep you from enjoying life and moving forward towards the wonderful things God has waiting for you in your future.


So take these steps towards letting go of your past.

  1. Acknowledge that the hurting or negative thing happened.

  2. Own your anger. (How you feel is how you feel.)  

  3. Recognize that the hurtful thing happened and you can’t undo what has happened.

  4. Forgive the person that hurt you and release them.

  5. If needed, forgive yourself.

  6. Settle everything about the situation as finished, closed and done!

  7. Give yourself permission to move on. Let go of the past: mind, body and spirit.

  8. Start liv...

August 31, 2015

It is very important for anyone trying to better themselves in life to make sure to keep your focus. There are so many distractions in our society today. Whether it is people, places or things, you must keep your eye on the prize. Guard your heart. Don’t allow anything to settle in your heart and cause you to be ungrateful, selfish, arrogant, or just plain mean. Be thankful for what you have been given and God will bless you with more. But if you complain about what you don’t have, then you tie God’s hands and hinder your blessings. So stay focused on all the good and let the rest take care of itself. 


Love & Blessings,

Dr. D

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