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Several Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Family

A lot of families today are caught up in a hectic whirlwind of activities that start on Monday morning, end on Sunday night, and then begin all over again. Time slips away as parents juggled between work, school, appointments, and commitments for themselves and their children’s activities. Yet, we all acknowledge that spending quality time together is the best way we have to show each other that we care and that our families are important.

To remedy this problem some families, take vacations once a year to spend time with their loved ones. Although this is a great option, daily habits can make a greater impact on your family relationships than “once-in-a-lifetime” events. In addition, specifically tailoring your daily interactions with different members of your family can be a very effective way to relate to them on a 1-on-1 basis. Here are several ways you can spend quality time with your family and everyone can enjoy it.

1. Eat dinner with your family

A great way to bond with your family is to sit together for at least one meal a day. Depending on your schedule, you can choose what works for your family. It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, eating a meal together provides you with an opportunity for conversating. You can share your thoughts, your plans for the day, and even some of your ideas. It is a very effective way to say “I love you” without using words.

2. Turn cell phones and electronic devices off

When spending time with your family, turning off your cell phones and having everyone remove all electronic devices helps the family come together as one. You don’t want distractions from work calls or emails when you are engaging in family activities or conversations. This will keep your focus on your family and improve the quality of time you spend together.

3. Read together

Reading together as a family has many benefits. You can enjoy this as a family activity by playing a board game that requires reading instructions on how to move throughout the game. You can also incorporate the habit of reading to your children. If your children are too small to read by themselves, you and your spouse can take turns reading to them throughout the day or before they go to bed. For adolescent kids, you all can read together and exchange ideas. Remember it’s about bonding with your family.

4. Go for walks as a family after dinner

Another way to preserve your health and improve your digestion is to go for walks with your family after dinner. It provides excitement for your children and indulging in a night stroll provides an opportunity for talking and sharing your thoughts and ideas. It is a very relaxing way to reflect on the love you have for your family.

5. Have a family day once a month

Planning a family day can be fun and exciting when you include the whole family, and everyone gets to put in their suggestions. It doesn’t have to involve spending a lot of money. It could be as simple as a road trip to the next town to have lunch, a picnic in the park, or go to a museum that focuses on the interest of children. The idea is to make it fun and enjoyable.

6. Share Family Stories

All your family members can share stories about special family moments. Your kids can share funny stories they remember from different family events. You could even include some laughable experiences from work and your kids can share some funny moments they had at school with their friends. Sharing times like these bring laughter and joy into a family.

7. Do a family art project together

Another amazing bonding experience you can have with your family is to create an art project together. Let your children help you create a painting to hang on the wall in their room. You can also create a photo album capturing special family moments or a video recording of accomplishments and awards. Doing an art project together not only bonds the family but many years later will put a smile on your face as you reflect upon the moment you spent time together as a family.

8. Dance Together

One stress-busting activity that can enrich your family time is dancing to the tune of your favorite music. It will help every family member to let go of any tension and enjoy some silly moments together. Remember everyone gets an opportunity to choose their favorite song, even if it’s a song from a child’s favorite movie. This is a perfect way to get help cleaning the kitchen or having your children clean their room. You can also make it a part of your weekly family time activity.

9. Cook dinner as a family

Another way to spend quality time with your family is to plan and execute a dinner together. You can give everyone an opportunity to be involved. This will help members of your family feel included. Together you can work out a menu, and grocery list, and assign everyone their special job to do. You can ask the younger kids to help you with small tasks, such as setting the table or being the taste tester. Before you know it, your kitchen will be full of pleasant aromas, the love and laughter of your children, and the warmth of bonding as a family.

10. Take Up a New Hobby Together

Spending family time together can become more enjoyable than you know. When you take up a new hobby together it gives everyone an opportunity to be involved. It can be painting, gardening, arts and crafts, or photography. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as everyone is enjoying it together. You can even take turns to accomplish tasks in your hobby. For instance, if you have taken up gardening as a hobby, your spouse can prepare the soil and pots while your kids can put in the seeds, water the plants, and make sure they get enough sunlight. As beautiful, committed parents, you can think of many different ways to spend time with your family just by sitting down together and allowing each person to share their ideas. It is important to make sure each person in your family feels loved and valued by affirming their contribution. Never laugh at them or tear them down by dismissing what they share. Remember our goal here is to build and bond, not tear down and destroy.

Love and Blessings,

Dr. Doris

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