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Our Mission

To help individuals and families become mentally and emotionally healthy.

Our Vision

To cure the world of emotional instabilities.


My Story

As a foster child who aged out of the foster system, I experienced many challenges early on in my life. My biological mother was a prostitute and an alcoholic who eventually went to jail. Being one of the youngest of my mother’s children, relatives did not want to take us in, labeling us as misfits and products of her sin. That is when we were turned over to the state and over the years, we were placed in many foster homes. In the last foster home, I was sexually abused by my foster father for 11 years and no one protected me. When I began to grow my practice, I learned that 95% of my clientele have been molested by family members and we carry this shame, pain and blame throughout our entire life.

I feel my testimony will help others overcome because I have learned through education, counseling and my personal growth you can be free from the burden of this type of trauma and live a restored and enjoyable life. I feel since God has healed me and restored my life, He has placed a calling and a mandate for me to help others be free in their lives! 

My Background

Christian Counselor | Public Speaker

With years of professional experience in counseling & public speaking, Dr. Doris Jones has a passion for helping the youth and their families. She provides family-focus therapy with an emphasis on the father-child connection, in order to bring the family structure back together. She relies on a Christ-centered approach with principles associated with Client-Centered Therapy, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Reality Therapy and Mindfulness.

Dr. Jones focuses on building strong relationships with clients, providing them with a nonjudgmental safe place where they can be free to say whatever they need to say, however they need to say it and to BE HEARD. She sees each client in their own uniqueness and works with them to ensure they are living a life that is fulfilling.


VISION YFCC was founded to bring the family unit back together and help those seeking guidance towards loving and enjoying their life.


  • Master’s degree in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Christian Psychology

  • Ordained Minister

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  • Clinical Christian Psychology

  • Advanced Certification as a Crisis and Abuse Therapist

  • Certified Master Life Coach

  • Certified Temperament Analyst

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Master Life Coach


  • Women’s Empowerment & Issues

  • Youth & Family Therapy

  • Self-Esteem/Self-Worth/Self-Love

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Life Coaching

A Supportive Hug

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