Individual Counseling

Counseling is a two-way relationship in a confidential environment with a goal of effecting positive change. Supportive one-on-one counseling provides a safe place to address the issues that  concern you.


Youth and
Adolescent Counseling

With parental/guardian consent,

we help students ages 7 to 18 through the challenges of adolescence, no matter how big or small their issues. We address

parent/child communication,

peer pressure, self-esteem,

depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, grief and loss, substance abuse, divorced/single parenting, relationships and identity.


Family Counseling

Healthy families are the foundation of a community, and without them communities suffer. We address family dynamics, blended families, communication, authority, respect, role identity within the family, and learning to appreciate and understand family members’ differences, strengths and weaknesses through Temperament Analysis Testing.

What We Offer

Couples Counseling

People in relationship seek counseling for a number of reasons: from power struggles to communication, from finances to emotional imbalances. We believe that counseling with an emphasis on developing listening and communication skills will heal many challenges to relationships.


Temperament Analysis

Temperament is our spiritual genetics: the inborn part of us that determines how we react to people, places and things. Temperament also determines how well we handle the stresses and pressures of life. As a Certified Temperament Analyst, I’ll help you answer questions like “Why do I do the things I do? Why do I keep making the same mistakes?” Your test results will help change those questions to “How can I use my temperament for the glory of God, and restore my joy, fulfill my purpose, achieve my goals and pursue my calling?



Grief Counseling

Our passion is to help people cope with grief and loss after the death of a loved one, or due to other major life changes such as divorce or job loss. It’s not uncommon to experience a wide range of emotions or behaviors associated with grief. We’re here to help you through the recovery process step by step.