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I'M WORTH IT! Part 1

Hello Queens,

Well, here we are at the end of another month. I don't know about you, but it feels as if this year is flying by. We have already entered the second quarter. For some of us that may be ok. But for someone like me, I feel like time is rapidly passing and I am trying to keep up. I want to share something close to my heart today and something many of you (including myself) may struggle with as women. Knowing our worth! As I have shared before, I have been a Christian counselor for over a decade and am blessed to work with women from all walks of life and many different cultures and I love them all. But one thing I have noticed in all of them is the inherited ability to compromise their worth. But why? Queens, women compromise their worth for a multitude of complex reasons deeply entrenched in societal norms and expectations. From a young age, many of us are conditioned to prioritize the needs and desires of others over our own, leading to a tendency to undervalue ourselves. In our cultural norms, women are often given the notion that our worth is tied to our ability to conform to certain standards of beauty, success, or behavior, causing insecurity and self-doubt. Additionally, operating in a system of inequalities and gender biases in various circles such as the workplace can make it difficult for us as women to assert our value without fear of backlash or discrimination. So, what is a woman to do?


Queens, it is time for us to adopt the belief that every woman is worth it, worthy of love, respect, and fulfillment. Whether we are a CEO, entrepreneurs, a stay-at-home mom, an artist, or a student, our worth is not determined by our achievements, our appearance, or anyone else's opinion of us. We are valuable simply because we exist! Here are several ways for us to embrace our worth.

Cultivating Self-Love

Self-love is the foundation of recognizing and honoring our worth. It's about treating ourselves with kindness, compassion, and acceptance. In a society that often teaches women to criticize our bodies, compare ourselves to others, and strive for unattainable standards of perfection, practicing self-love is a radical act of loving ourselves. “…Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.(Matthew 22:39) KJV Queens, how are we loving ourselves?

Self-Reflection and Awareness  

Ladies, let’s make time for ourselves, exploring our strengths, values, and passions. Knowing ourselves deeply allows for a more profound understanding of our worth and capabilities.

Setting Boundaries

We should recognize and uphold our boundaries in various aspects of life, including personal, professional, and emotional boundaries. This demonstrates self-respect and communicates to others how we deserve to be treated.

Investing in Personal Growth 

Encourage ourselves in continuous learning and skill development. Whether it's pursuing higher education, attending workshops, or exploring new hobbies, investing in ourselves nurtures confidence and reinforces a sense of worth.

Building Supportive Networks

We need to make sure to surround ourselves with positive influences and supportive individuals. It’s crucial as women to seek out mentors, friends, and communities that uplift and validate our worth, offering encouragement and a positive perspective on life.

Practicing Self-Care

Prioritizing self-care is not selfish but essential for maintaining spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Queens, we need to carve out time for activities that nourish us, whether it's exercise, prayer and meditation, creative pursuits, or simply enjoying moments of relaxation. Taking care of ourselves reinforces the understanding that we are deserving of love and attention.

Therefore, Queens, own your crown. When you know your true identity, you understand that you possess a unique blend of strength, resilience, and grace that forms the foundation of the essence of who you are. The crown you wear is not bestowed upon you by others but is a testament to your self-identification and acknowledgment of your worth. Let this be your anthem that resounds as loud as the rolling sea...I'M WORTH IT!

Love and Blessings

Dr. Doris

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I am Dr. Doris, a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, Ordained Minister, and Women's Emotional Intelligence Master Life Coach. I want to personally welcome you to take a peak inside my world of encouragement and positive engagement.  In this space I empower

women to be all God has created them to be. 


I'm so glad you're here! 

Hello Ladies
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