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Rise, Reclaim, and Rule

Updated: Apr 9

Hello ladies,

We are back! I am so glad to be back with you and writing again. I needed to take some time off to work on my own life. Several things had transpired, and I decided that I needed to step away, reevaluate, and figure out the next right move for me. Plus, I just needed a moment to take a breath and rest. I want you to understand that it is OK to reexamine where you are right now. Take a moment to inventory everything in your life; whether it’s mentally (mindset, thinking), emotionally (mastering your emotions), spiritually (working on your relationship with God), financially (having a healthy relationship with money and learning how to budget), relationally (forgiving and restoring family relationships), physically (exercising by taking care of your temple), nutritionally (eating foods that are good for your body and give you energy) and self-care (taking time to pamper yourself). It is very important to revisit these areas from time to time because if you don’t you may find yourself feeling stuck and unhappy with the way your life is going. (That is exactly what happened to me). But ladies, here is the beauty of the God we serve. When He kisses you with life every morning, that is another chance to make a change in your life for the better. As a Queen, daughter of The Most High God, is it up to you to rise, reclaim, and rule your queendom. What I mean is, that it's about knowing your worth, mastering your emotions, understanding your feelings, recognizing the emotions of others, and navigating this crazy ride called life with style and grace. It's the key to unlocking the throne that's been waiting for you. So, my Queen, it's time to rise. Rise above the noise, the doubts, the struggles. This ain't just about you – it's about setting a vibe that ripples through your being, your community, and beyond. You're not just wearing a crown; you're owning a legacy. I once heard Bishop TD Jakes say, “Life is a rhythm” In the mix of self-discovery, let the rhythm of your resilience guide you. Turn your pain into power and your struggles into strength. Own your story and rewrite the narrative because you're not just a Queen; you're a force. As you reclaim your throne, remember, that it's not about fitting into someone else's mold. It's about creating your lane, your vibe, and taking a seat at your own table. Your queendom, your rules. So, sis, this is your anthem. Rise, reclaim, and rule. The throne's been waiting for you – time to claim what's rightfully yours.

Many Blessings,

Dr. Doris

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I am Dr. Doris, a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, Ordained Minister, and Women's Emotional Intelligence Master Life Coach. I want to personally welcome you to take a peak inside my world of encouragement and positive engagement.  In this space I empower

women to be all God has created them to be. 


I'm so glad you're here! 

Hello Ladies
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