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Benefits of Spending Quality Family Time

Updated: Jan 17

Have you ever asked yourself why family is important? In today’s world of pervasive screen time and social media, many of us have become less social in ways that are not only beneficial but essential to our mental and physical health. A Cigna study from the American Journal of Health Promotion indicated that "excessive social media use is one of the biggest risk factors for loneliness". In-person interactions with family members, especially those who live in the same household, are extremely important in order to reap the full benefits of social connection. Individuals who experience less loneliness cultivate meaningful relationships, including a social network and a committed relationship. Here are several benefits and blessings to spending quality time with your family.

Family Bonds are Strengthened

The most significant benefit of spending quality time with family is that it helps you strengthen your family bonds. It doesn’t have to be something extreme or elaborate. It can be something as simple as a family game night or cooking dinner together. Just remember to make it fun for everyone and give each person a chance to choose what they like to do.

It Reduces Stress

The time spent with your family, away from the responsibilities of adult life, can help refresh your mind and body. Understand, the world will not come to an end if you spend some uninterrupted quality time with your family. It is an effective way to reduce stress and improve your mental and emotional health.

It Encourages Communication

A lot of times life can be so hectic and rushed that you often do not have time to communicate with your family members. However, spending quality time with your loved ones is a chance to overcome this issue. Turning off cell phones and putting away electronic devices gives you a chance to talk freely and listen to what others have to say. It helps create a space for easy and open communication between the members of your family.

Emotional Needs are Satisfied

Many times, our emotional needs remain neglected while being caught up in the responsibilities and obligations of life. Nevertheless, by spending time with your parents, spouse, or children, you can fulfill your and your family members’ emotional needs. It can leave you in a positive and productive frame of mind, which is priceless.

Creates a Positive Home Environment

If a family seldom gets time to spend together, the atmosphere of the home can become tense and devoid of peace. With every member dealing with their pressures outside of the home, coming home wouldn't provide a safe haven away from the external chaos. However, being available for the family can help lessen such stress and frustration. When you spend time with your family, and everyone is happy and joyful, it creates a positive environment in your home.

Improves the Dynamics of Relationship

It is a known fact that children imitate the behavior of their parents. Children see when you think they are not looking, and they hear when you think they are not listening. If they find their parents are always stressed out and have no time for them, although, they may not understand how to verbalize what they feel, they can internalize such things. This might hinder their healthy mental growth and development. Consequently, by enjoying family time, you can set an example of a happy family life and improve relationship dynamics. It will help children to understand that even if there are stressful situations in life, they can follow their parent's example of how to deal with them and still enjoy their life.

Monitor and Stay Ahead of Behavioral Issues

More often than not, children experience behavioral issues as they step into their teens. This can have a profound effect on their mental and emotional health and prevent them from growing up into happy and confident individuals. By spending quality family time often, you can help your adolescent kids to open up about the issues they are facing. If you parent from a non-judgmental perspective towards their problems and calmly listen to what they need to share, they will take your advice and implement it into their lives. If they know there is someone at home to help them out of difficult situations or peer pressure, they are less likely to have behavioral issues.

Improves Mental and Emotional Health

Although people spend more time on social media platforms and have been able to increase their virtual friends and acquaintances, they still feel lonely because there is no real emotional or physical connection. The downside is that they are losing touch with those near them, particularly family and friends. When you enjoy your time with your family, you are in a better position to share your anxieties, seek guidance, and receive the emotional support you need. A hug expresses what words cannot. Therefore, being surrounded by your loved ones can help improve your mental and emotional state and boost your energy to overcome any challenges.

Children Do Better in School

Children who come from happy families are often able to concentrate better and do well academically. Also, when parents are actively involved with their children’s education, by regularly meeting with their teachers, attending school events, and parent group meetings, they can help children with their academic activities and learning. Several benefits of a family spending time together are that the children can learn communication, problem-solving skills, and build confidence. These can play a significant role in shaping their personality and help them do better in school.

Creates Memories of a Lifetime

By spending quality time with your family, you get to create memories that will last you a lifetime. Your children will eventually grow up and you and your spouse will age. But the happy moments spent as a family will always remain etched in the memories of each one of you. Just thinking about the happy moments with all of you laughing, talking, and doing things together will bring a smile to your face.

Family time is the best time. Even if you have responsibilities and obligations, make time for your family. You will be so happy that you did.

Love and Blessings,

Dr. Doris

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