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How Much Time Should You Spend with Your Family?

Most of us understand that the duration of time is not as important as the quality of time with your family. You may spend just 30 minutes of family time daily. But if you connect with your family and everybody is happy then 30 minutes is enough.

What matters is everyone should be able to participate in the activities without compromising on their daily routine. Of course, your family time can be adjusted on the weekends.

A busy life, hectic schedules, and over-obligating life are among the main reasons why parents are not getting enough time to spend with their children. Such situations can adversely affect children.

So then, how much time do we really need to spend with our children? It all depends. A poll on Facebook with parents says 2-4 hours each day during the week feels good. Much more could feel overwhelming and much less makes you feel guilty, and you miss your children. It is important to make the most of spending time while you can because children do grow up and begin to lead their own lives. Therefore, quality time does matter.

There is no one size fits all to raising our children because we all raise them according to different values, cultures, beliefs, religions, neighborhoods, cities, and countries. There are some parents who barely see their young kids, while others spend 24/7 with them. So, the question isn’t what you should do based on the research. The question is, to obtain optimum rest, recovery, mental health, and stay in peace, how do you find the quality time with your family that actually fills up your love tank and theirs? Let’s figure this out.

The Quantity versus Quality Myth

We already know that our time with our children is vitally important. Studies have suggested that the amount of quality time we spend with our children, such as reading books, playing sports, having dinner together, laughing, and having a spiritual practice together, has an incredible life-long effect on them. Also, how parents consistently interact with their children on a daily basis by showing them love, warmth, care, and empathy, even in passing, plays a huge role in their character development.

Everyday unplanned and unstructured interactions like household chores or running errands may afford families quality moments. You don’t have to force spending quality time with your children, just make use of the time you already have with them. For example, let your little ones help you load the dishwasher, help put clothes in the washing machine, or your teenager help carry the groceries, then celebrate them loudly by saying “thank you for helping me!” “You are such an amazing helper!”

You may not realize it, but you have just filled their love tank. Remember every moment we breathe is a gift and our children are gifts from God so show them, love. Reflect on this, what you put out in the universe, will come back to you.

Love and Blessings

Dr. Doris

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