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The Next Dimension

Hello Queens,

Well, here we are again. I pray that you all have been well and have been putting some thought into where you would like to take your life next. Today I want to share with you what I have been working on. Several years ago, I heard Bishop TD Jakes say “If you're the smartest person in your circle, you're in the wrong circle – you've outgrown it. It's time to move to the next level”. So, Queens, that is exactly what I have been doing. Seeking out new circles.

I have been going to different networking events, engaging with people on different social media platforms, being present on Zoom calls, and having conversations with people who know more than I do. I am intentionally working on taking my life and my business to the next dimension. I did learn what the difference is between “next level” and “next dimension.” The definition of “next level” is a better more advanced or more successful situation than before.” The definition of “next dimension” is something that is new, has been recently created, built, or invented, or is in the process of being created, built, or invented.” Queens that is exactly what I want to share with you. I have been in the process of writing my first book entitled Strong and Courageous “A Queens Journey” 9 areas in your life to use emotional intelligence to learn how to master your emotions. Along with my book, I am creating a coaching program to teach women of color how to use emotional intelligence in these 9 areas. I will be sharing strategies from parts of my book in this blog section of my website and on social media. I appreciate your support in preordering a copy of my book and engaging with me on social media. Love you all and thank you for your support.

Many Blessings,

Dr. Doris


I am Dr. Doris, a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, Ordained Minister, and Women's Emotional Intelligence Master Life Coach. I want to personally welcome you to take a peak inside my world of encouragement and positive engagement.  In this space I empower

women to be all God has created them to be. 


I'm so glad you're here! 

Hello Ladies
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