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Welcome Back!

Hello Ladies,

We are back and I am so excited to share the changes we have made to our Strong and Courageous Women’s Empowerment Blogs. I am going to be posting blogs in different categories to make it easier to find certain topics you may be interested in. There are also inspirational and motivational videos in the library for you to watch and they will be continuously updated. There are also a few of my favorite books that have brought me inspiration, motivation, and insight into how to move forward in my life. Coming soon we will have a Strong and Courageous Boutique where you can shop and be able to purchase multiple items. I will keep you updated as we get closer to that date.

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the blogs and make comments and recommendations as to different topics you would like to see regarding Emotional Intelligence, Couples and Marriages, Women’s Empowerment, Creating a Healthy Family Bond, and A Queen’s Dominion. I truly believe if we began to turn up the volume on more positive and encouraging content we can change our private worlds to becoming more loving, enjoyable, and peaceful one blog at a time. See you on the inside!

Love and Blessings,

Dr. Doris

Call to Action: Visit the blog section of our website and feel free to stay awhile and look around. There may be an "aha" moment that will lead you to the next right move in your life.


I am Dr. Doris, a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, Ordained Minister, and Women's Emotional Intelligence Master Life Coach. I want to personally welcome you to take a peak inside my world of encouragement and positive engagement.  In this space I empower

women to be all God has created them to be. 


I'm so glad you're here! 

Hello Ladies
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